Melon’s House Party

Wondery Children”s Podcast We found a hidden gem! Wondery Melon’s House Party podcast. Ever got your kids into listening to Podcasts and exercising their imagination? This is a great one to start off with. Melon’s House Party is fun, engaging and full of adventures. It’s about a dog named Melon and her human owners ChloeContinue reading “Melon’s House Party”

Holiday Events in Los Angeles

2021 Must Experience Holiday Events So many Holiday events happening in and around of Los Angeles during this Holiday season, from Drive-thru, Walking experience, shows and more. How do you even pick? Well our Tribe has narrowed down our Top 5 Holiday experiences around Los Angeles for 2021. The list is in no order. LosContinue reading “Holiday Events in Los Angeles”

Nat Geo Wild’s VETsgiving

Annual Veterinarian’s celebration with Nat Geo WIld Over Thanksgiving Break our Family enjoyed a whole week of Nat Geo Wild’s Vetsgiving special. A series of new episodes throughout the week to celebrate our Veterinarian’s and all their hard work and love they show to our furry friends. We enjoyed all the episodes that we’ve seenContinue reading “Nat Geo Wild’s VETsgiving”

The Ghost and Molly McGee

Disney Channel’s New Series We may be an Odd pairing, But it GHOST without saying, We’re friends SuperNaturally Disney Channel came out with a brand new must watch series, The ghost and Molly McGee. The kids and I had the opportunity to preview next month’s episode and we are now beyond excited to watch theContinue reading “The Ghost and Molly McGee”


HauntoweenLA is keeping the fun and excitement of Halloween alive during this pandemic. Hauntoween LA is a 25-35 minutes interactive, engaging and immersive Drive Thru Halloween experience for all ages.  When Hauntoween LA decided to invite our tribe to their Opening Night we were stoked! We were greeted by an impressive Jack-O-Lantern tunnel and FXContinue reading “HauntoweenLA”

Nights of the Jack 2020

Halloween isn’t cancelled after all! Our Tribe Kicked off the month of October at one of the biggest Halloween event of 2020, Nights of the Jack.  Nights of the Jack is a Drive-thru experience around King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, Ca. This driving trail experience is a Halloween wonderland featuring thousands of hand carved andContinue reading “Nights of the Jack 2020”

What Rhymes with Orange?

Our Tribe got to enjoy a Family musical for the very first time! What Rhymes with Orange is a family musical comedy held at Second city in Hollywood Ca. It’s showing every Sunday at 1:00 P.M through April 26, 2020 and we hope you get to see it like we did. It’s a Fairy taleContinue reading “What Rhymes with Orange?”

Recycled Rainbow Blocks

Who doesn’t love blocks? It’s a classic Toy, provides open ended play, creativity and tickles their imagination. A good set of quality blocks can cost a bit of $$$ and you’d want a good amount of blocks to create more, you really just cant have enough blocks (at least my kids made me think so).Continue reading “Recycled Rainbow Blocks”