The Ghost and Molly McGee

Disney Channel’s New Series

We may be an Odd pairing, But it GHOST without saying, We’re friends SuperNaturally

Disney Channel came out with a brand new must watch series, The ghost and Molly McGee. The kids and I had the opportunity to preview next month’s episode and we are now beyond excited to watch the rest of the series. Two odd pairings, an optimistic tween and a rambunctious ghost as besties? Could you imagine the adventures and situations these two get into? Molly a tween navigating the already confusing life of a tween, it gets even more complicated when you add a Ghost in the mix who constantly shadows you around making him your instant bestie. Two completely different personalities from two completely different world, it gets so fun to watch and wonder weather or not Molly will listen to her gut instincts or fall for all the clever ideas Scratch seems to have.

Molly McGee played by Ashley Burch is amazing at bringing Molly to life and really letting her personality shine through. Ashley’s background is what touches my mama heart. Ashley is bi-racial just like my babies and we all know it’s not everyday you see someone bi-racial play as the main character. Are we evolving?! I am loving it. It is so important to see our culture, background having a representation on T.V and films and I am so happy Disney stepped it up making sure we and our kids have that now.

Scratch played by Dana Snyder is so hilarious! It’s so hard not to like him even though he doesn’t always have the greatest ideas, in fact he’s my kids’ favorite character. He’s full of energy and he’s the voice in all of us that wants to do the opposite of what our gut instinct is telling us to do. He’s by far the cutest grumpy ghost we’ve ever met.

To end our watch party, we had the very talented Disney animator Karl Cruz teach us how to draw Scratch. Gavin loved this activity so much as he recently started getting into drawing so this couldn’t have come at the perfect time.

The Ghost of Molly McGee is nothing short of amazing with a diverse roster and plenty of lessons to be learned this is a Disney series that’s completely mom approved, in fact you might want to sit and join your kids with this one. This is a series filled with laughter, musical, and lots of adventure!. Make sure you catch all the episodes on Disney Channel or Disney Plus. Great job Disney!

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