Nights of the Jack 2020

Halloween isn’t cancelled after all! Our Tribe Kicked off the month of October at one of the biggest Halloween event of 2020, Nights of the Jack. 

Nights of the Jack is a Drive-thru experience around King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas, Ca. This driving trail experience is a Halloween wonderland featuring thousands of hand carved and illuminated Jack O’ lanterns. 

All the carved pumpkins were amazing and impressive, lots of familiar celebrities, sports legends, Disney characters, Variety of scenes, etc all accompanied by music for the extra dramatics. The kids said they felt like they were on a Disney ride! 

Here are a few tips when heading to Nights of the Jack with your tribe. 

  1. Pack a snack. We sure did! We packed some popcorns, juice boxes, some oranges and Halloween pretzels. 

    2. Pack some light up toys. For the extra fun I brought the kids some light up toys. They both got their light up wand and party glow sticks. 

    3.  Listen to Halloween Music on your way to Nights of the Jack to get everyone in the mood. When you get there make sure you turn your radio on to their channel. The night of Jack Channel is 100.1 FM 

     4. If you’re like me and always want to take things up the notch, decorate the inside/outside of your car. We opted to do the inside of our car with some ghost lights and our stand up ghost to ride along in the back with us. Everyone in line loved it and it added a little bit of extra fun for us. 

      5. Grab your family and head on over to Nights of the Jack after all, we could use a bit of extra fun during this pandemic. 

We had such a fun night and glad we were able to do something fun while feeling safe and socially distant.  Nights of the Jack has tickets available now on their website 

Don’t miss out because this Halloween wonderland is only going on till November 1st. 

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