Nat Geo Wild’s VETsgiving

Annual Veterinarian’s celebration with Nat Geo WIld

Over Thanksgiving Break our Family enjoyed a whole week of Nat Geo Wild’s Vetsgiving special. A series of new episodes throughout the week to celebrate our Veterinarian’s and all their hard work and love they show to our furry friends. We enjoyed all the episodes that we’ve seen throughout the kid’s thanksgiving break, so for the upcoming Winter Holiday we have Nat Geo Wild’s Vet shows on our watch list.

Here is a list of Shows on Nat Geo Wild that you can stream through Disney Plus during the Holiday Break. A way to step into a Veterinarian’s day where you can definitely see and feel the devotion, hard work and love these amazing Vet’s show to our furry member of the family.

  1. Pop Goes the Vet with Dr. Joya
  2. Heartland Docs DVM
  3. Critter Fixers
  4. Hatcher Family Dairy
  5. The Incredible Dr. Pol
  6. Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet.
  7. Vets on the Beach

Make this Holiday Season a comfy and Cozy one, grab a hot cocoa and start streaming Nat Geo Wild’s Vet shows. Whether you’re curious to see what Vet’s really do, how they save animals on the daily or you’re into the popping pus, gunk and goo, they definitely have a show for you. Each show is different from each other, and you’ll definitely get hooked. Critter Fixer’s are always bringing on the humor while Dr. Joya brings on the gnarly, disgusting yet satisfying talent she has for popping pus. Our family always enjoys watching The Incredible Dr. Pol, he sure lives up to that name! our favorite episode? watching Dr. Pol save the day doing emergency surgeries to bring baby animals into this world.

Make sure to tune in and watch Nat Geo Wild on Disney Plus.

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