Melon’s House Party

Wondery Children”s Podcast

We found a hidden gem! Wondery Melon’s House Party podcast. Ever got your kids into listening to Podcasts and exercising their imagination? This is a great one to start off with. Melon’s House Party is fun, engaging and full of adventures. It’s about a dog named Melon and her human owners Chloe and Luke and all the house objects that come to life whenever their owners leave their home, Including her very Bestfriend, a couch.

Our newly found favorite podcast Melon’s House Party has kept us entertained through our drive home from school and sports. It also recently became a request during bed time. It has replaced our bed time story 3 days out of the week and neither my partner Marcelo and I seem to mind at all. Melon and Couch keep the kids laughing and engaged in the story. Their voices are cute, friendly and so easy on the ears. Every episode is fun and a different adventure, Always something to laugh about as soon as Chloe and Luke leave the house. The first episode starts off with Chloe and Luke leaving the house to go Couch shopping (yikes) Melon definitely doesn’t approve of that. No way she will let her human owners replace her bestfriend, Couch. Now imagine all the trouble she gets into trying to save her bestfriend from being replaced.

Melon’s House party currently has 10 Episode, Each episodes are between 24-35 minutes long. Perfect to get your little ones imagination and listening skills some exercise. Every object in the house comes to life and interact with each other whenever Chloe and Luke leaves the house. You’ll meet plenty of characters throughout all the episodes, there’s Wall Calendar, Bookshelf, and a spell book just to name a few. There’s also episodes and adventures that happens outside the house with Melon. Every episode is nothing short of entertaining. Wondery Melon’s House party is available on Amazon Music, the Wondery app, Apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen and new episodes come out every Wednesday.

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