What Rhymes with Orange?

Our Tribe got to enjoy a Family musical for the very first time! What Rhymes with Orange is a family musical comedy held at Second city in Hollywood Ca. It’s showing every Sunday at 1:00 P.M through April 26, 2020 and we hope you get to see it like we did.

It’s a Fairy tale Musical that will take you through the mysterious jungle where you’ll meet singing raccoons, flying books, feathered librarian and help our Hero Amari search for the simple answer that will save the day: What Rhymes with Orange?

Second City and What Rhymes with Orange was the perfect musical and venue to introduce Gavin and Ivy to musicals. It was intimate, interactive and fun. Great storytelling, energetic music and the vibe throughout the whole hour was fantastic! It totally gave us Wizard of Oz and Alice in wonderland vibes. We even got to join the cast afterwards for their opening party and that was a treat!.

Our tribe definitely recommends What Rhymes with Orange! If you’re looking for a way to introduce your kiddos to musicals this is the perfect one to check out.

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