Recycled Rainbow Blocks

Who doesn’t love blocks? It’s a classic Toy, provides open ended play, creativity and tickles their imagination. A good set of quality blocks can cost a bit of $$$ and you’d want a good amount of blocks to create more, you really just cant have enough blocks (at least my kids made me think so). So what does this mama do? We headed to the thrift store on a haunt for some good quality blocks.

Did we find any? Oh yes we did! But half of them were scribbled on with markers (womp womp!). I contemplated and stared at it for a minute if it was worth buying and then a light bulb came on, We can dye them! Make Rainbow blocks out of them since we don’t have any and who doesn’t love rainbows.

We took them home and searched online ways to dye wooden blocks. I decided the easiest way for the kids to do it themselves and make an activity out of it was to paint them. We wiped each block down with disinfectant wipes and went to town with painting them with watercolor paint. We waited 24 hours for them to dry, some dried faster than others and some needed more coats because of the scribbles on them.

They turned out vibrant like we wanted and turned out even more fun than we expected! Activity and play all in one.

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