HauntoweenLA is keeping the fun and excitement of Halloween alive during this pandemic. Hauntoween LA is a 25-35 minutes interactive, engaging and immersive Drive Thru Halloween experience for all ages. 

When Hauntoween LA decided to invite our tribe to their Opening Night we were stoked! We were greeted by an impressive Jack-O-Lantern tunnel and FX On Hulu’s “What we do in shadows” tunnel and then through a Pumpkin patch where you get to pick a pumpkin to take home. They even sanitized it and placed it in our trunk for us. 

The kids favorite part of course is the Door to Door Trick or Treating. Hauntoween has 2 streets with 10-12 home neighborhood where they have Live costumed actors. They passed out candies to the kids while staying 6ft away. 

Kids trick or treating at hauntoween for the second time

This is the highlight for everyone since we all thought we wouldn’t be able to do it this year because of the pandemic. Hauntoween executed being able to safely trick or treat in your car. The kids had so much fun we ended up going again for the second time around two days later.

FYI: All guests will be required to stay in their vehicles. You can enjoy the Drive-thru experience with your windows down as long as you’re wearing your mask. 

Hauntoween LA is running until October 31 2020 and you can purchase your ticket by visiting their website https://www.hauntoweenla.com  

Don’t forget to visit my Instagram account (@tribe.adventures) for videos on Hauntoween.

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